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Which Fitness Blog is the best to go for?

This write-up highlights the best blogs that you can resort to for your daily dose of fitness facts and info. Read on!

That exercises can be useful for health is not something new. But most people find it very tough to be disciplined enough to begin training as well as stick to their fitness regimen. Fitness blogs can provide you with the kind of motivation that you need to concentrate and continue with your regimen, through content that is informative, empowering and inspiring. Know about some of the best fitness blogs that you can refer to.


This blog is of expert boxing coach and trainer Ross Enamait, and talks about athletic development, strength building and high performance conditioning. You can know about training of various types, building mental endurance, traditional workouts, basics of fitness and more.

NHS Institute

The NHS Institute blog is one of the best resources for fitness training, how to get a better body shape, practical nutrition guide to compliment and amplify your weight loss efforts, strength and stamina enhancement tips and more. This is the blog of INHS (Institute of Natural Health Science), the topmost resource for courses on traditional medicine, alternative health solutions and modern nutrition certification programs.

Nerd Fitness

This is a complete resource that teaches how one can exercise even without going to a gym, develop good habits, keep a fixed approach, cook up simple but nutritious meals and bring changes into their daily lives, step by step.

Love Sweat Fitness

This is the blog of Katie Dunlop, and inspires women across the globe to be healthier and more content with their body shape. It consists of community forums, recipes, weekly workout schedules, daily workouts, mistakes in weight loss journey and more.

Tony Gentilcore

This is the blog of Cressey Sports Performance co-founder and trainer Tony Gentilcore. It mainly concentrates on weightlifting.

Advanced Human Performance

It can be useful for those whose fitness efforts have hit a plateau. This is by Joel Seedman, PhD, creator of Advanced Human Performance. The blog offers scientifically proven, state of the art techniques.

Dr. John Rusin

This blog is by Dr. John Rusin, reputed for his painless strength training routines, and focuses on injury prevention, functional training, performance training etc.

Breaking Muscle

It has inspiring fitness posts, podcasts, recipes, workouts and many things about nutrition and fitness programs online. There is useful content aimed at trainers and coaches.

The Balanced Life

It is for working women who find it tough to adhere to their workout regimen, and find little or no time to work out.

Ben Greenfield Fitness

It is by exercise coach, workout physiologist and ex-triathlete and bodybuilder Ben Greenfield. The blog has some amazing conditioning and strength training methods that are tried and tested for their effectiveness.

Knocked Up Fitness

This one is aimed at women who are pregnant and how they can keep fit even in maternity to have a better feeling and look healthy as well.

For more information, visit https://www.nhsinstitute.com/

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