About Us

About Us


History of INHS

Institute of Natural Health Science (INHS) was established with the intent of providing quality education that would motivate and equip nutrition, fitness and health professionals with the highest quality and exceptional expertise. Our vision is to transform the lives of millions through traditional medicine, modern nutrition and alternative health solutions.

About Our Founding Director

Dr. Mohammed Imtiaz Mallick is a successful entrepreneur, a scientist and an engineer with an affinity for health, fitness, nutrition and traditional medicine. He earned a PhD degree in Natural Medicine (USA), a Doctorate degree (ND) in Naturopathy & Holistic Medicine (USA), an MBA (USA) in Marketing & Digital Economics and a BE degree in Electronics & Communication engineering. He also studied Nutrition, Lifestyle Medicine, Oncology and Psychology from Harvard University. He is also a Registered Traditional Naturopath, Nutritionist, Board Certified Alternative Medical Practitioner and a Master Herbalist. After suffering for several decades with chronic illness, he discovered the healing power of the natural health remedies, especially the Islamic Medicine. He wanted to share his experiences with the world which he had with the natural remedies, hence he stepped-in to provide the cutting-edge, high-quality, scientifically-backed, and readily accessible education opportunities, so that everyone could learn and help themselves, their family, friends or clients.


Explore Our Comprehensive Programs
and Certifications

*General Nutrition (Certificate)
*Sports Nutrition (Certificate)
*Holistic Nutrition (Certificate)
*Weight Management Expert (Certificate)
*Holistic Nutrition & Dietetics (Diploma)
*Performance Nutrition (Diploma)
*Master Nutritionist (Adv. Diploma)

*Fitness Coach (Certificate)
*Holistic Fitness Coach (Diploma)
*Master Fitness Coach (Adv. Diploma)

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