Is INHS recognized and accredited?

INHS is recognized and accredited nationally and internationally by different organizations.

What are the options available for the payments?

Currently, we are accepting payment through the below:

  1. Paypal (for International students only)
  2. Bank Transfer (for all students)
  3. Cash Deposit (for Indian students only)
How are exams administered and how do I get the credential?

All the exams are online. Mentioned below are the steps you need to follow to write the exams:

  1. Enroll into the program
  2. Study and complete the assignments
  3. Once the assignments are submitted and graded then you will be given the link to the final exam.
  4. Once you pass the exam, you will receive the certificate and the credential.
  5. If you do not pass then you can retake the exam by paying the exam fees of 50US$ or equivalent Indian Currency.
What type of certification do I receive after passing the exam?

All certificates awarded by INHS are high quality digital certificates in pdf format.

What about refund policies?

All students are given enough opportunities to complete the course/program. Unfortunately, there is no refund for the fees paid. If the student wants, they can transfer the course to another person by paying the transfer fee of 10$ of equivalent Indian currency.

My background is not in healthcare, wellness or fitness. Can I still enroll into the programs?

Yes, it is possible to enroll into all the INHS programs. It is good to have some knowledge of health or wellness or fitness but it is not mandatory.You just need a PC/mobile, internet connection and motivation.

What is the validity of my certification?

All certifications awarded by INHS are valid for lifetime but it is always good to continue to update your knowledge and stay current. For this there are several courses/programs available which also provides Continued Education Credits (CEC) apart from knowledge.

Do I need to get recertified?

Since all the certifications awarded by INHS are valid for lifetime hence they need not be renewed.

Does INHS allows or accept credits transfer?

There are two types of credits transfer policies followed by INHS and they Internal and External.

Internal Credits Transfer policies:

All programs offered by INHS are credit transfer eligible.

For example-

  1. If a student wants to enroll into Diploma of Holistic Health and Life Coachingprogram then if he/she has already passed one of the Health and Life CoachorHolistic Nutritioncertifications then he/she is eligible for credit transfer. This will allow the student to complete the said diploma program faster while saving costs and time.
  2. If a student has previously completed any certifications/courses from INHS and now wants to enroll into the Associate of Science in Holistic Nutrition or any diploma or degree programs, then the previous completed certifications/courses are eligible for credit transfer. This will allow the student to complete the said degree/diploma program faster while saving costs and time.

External Credits Transfer policies:

It depends. If the external or third party approves our programs for credit transfer for their programs the we will also reciprocate appropriately. If they do not then we may not provide the credit transfer.

In exceptional cases, we may consider after reviewing the special request.

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