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What Type Of Food And Nutrition Is Important During The Times of COVID 19?

The food rich in all types of nutrients especially Vitamin C, vitamin D, are really important to sustain and stay fit during the pandemic attack of COVID 19.

The pandemic of COVID 19 has created fear and fear among people around the world. The countries that only heard about the untreatable virus that came out of China and start spreading to the western countries such as US, UK, Italy, etc though that the virus wont entre their nation. As a result, the ignorance has invited the seed which took the shape of a demon of Corona Virus. According to the doctors, the only way to stay healthy during the situation is to boost the immunity level. Thus, the proper food and nutrition plays a vital role.

The situation of lockdown has created two fold panics among people. The mass has started to rush to the grocery shops, vegetable market, fish market etc to create a stock of all food items. People had an impression that the stock of food will not be available during the lockdown period. Also, the supply has become really less.  But it also has a brighter side. It has taught us the way on how to survive with limited resources. And also, we have learnt how to prepare a suitable meal with the ingredients that we have in our kitchen.

The government in both the state as well as the central level has contributed a lot to extend their kind hand towards the people of the nation during such a pandemic situation. There were free ration for the people who belong to the category of below poverty level. The relief fund for emergency situation was there as well. It is true that government offered rice, wheat, cereals etc to the people of the nation. But, even then there was a population that belonged to the category of staying starved. Yes, the quantity of food was not enough. Also, the proper nutrients were absent. This has given rise to an increase in affected cases of COVID 19 backed with malnutrition.

According to the nutritionists as well as the physicians proper diet is important with good quality of all nutrients. Vitamin C such as lemon, guava and bell peppers, spinach, cabbage, winter squash, sweet potatoes etc. Also, consuming milk on a regular basis is going to be important. Milk is regarded as a complete food as it includes all types of nutrients especially iron. Thus, women of all ages must have milk on a regular basis.

COVID 19 attacks all those people who have a low level of immunity. Thus, proper diet with all meals is an important consideration. It is also suggested to have protein rich food. The animal protein like fish, chicken etc will be a great option. But, there are many families who do not consume non vegetarian dishes. For them the food essential are paneer, milk, cereals etc. Also, the green vegetables are going to be one of the wonderful substances that can easily boost the immunity within your body.

Apart from that, the usual and mandatory routine must be consuming tea, soup or warm water now and then throughout the day. Using the sanitizer is important whenever you came from outside. Wearing the mask is mandatory as you don’t know people you are facing. Any on may have such trouble. Also, the Indian spices such as cloves, ginger, and cinnamon are very good for immunity. You can make tea with these and have every day in certain interval to boost your immunity. Thus, these are the best food and precautions to take during the situation of COVID 19.

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