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Boost your career with our accredited Weight Management Expert Program. Get Weight Management Expert Certification online from the world leader in the science and practice of Nutrition, health, fitness and wellness. Proven with over 1000+ students, our Weight Management Expert online courses will teach you everything you want to know about weight management, wellness and nutrition, and show you how to get life-changing results for anyone. Veteran faculties and low course fees make us the most trusted Accredited Weight Management Expert course online. Join today to create an impact!

100% Online | Self-Study | Self-Paced | 6 months or less


What Can a Weight Management Expert Do?

A weight management expert can provide personalized guidance and support to help individuals achieve their weight loss or weight       management goals.

  • Assess an individual’s current health status, including factors like body composition, metabolism, and overall fitness level.
  • Create a customized diet plan tailored to the individual’s specific nutritional needs and preferences, taking into account any dietary         restrictions or allergies.
  • Develop an exercise regimen that is appropriate for the individual’s fitness level and goals, providing guidance on effective workout            routines and techniques.
  • Educate individuals about healthy eating habits, portion control, and mindful eating to promote sustainable weight management.
  • Track progress and make necessary adjustments to the plan based on the individual’s response and results.
  • Offer ongoing motivation, encouragement, and accountability to help individuals stay committed to their weight management journey.
  • Provide valuable knowledge and resources on nutrition, lifestyle changes, and behavior modification techniques to support long-term          weight maintenance.
  • Address any underlying factors that may be impacting weight, such as emotional eating, stress, or medical conditions, and provide            strategies to overcome these challenges.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest research and trends in weight management to offer evidence-based advice and strategies.
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Program contents and eligibility

With this program you will get all of the knowledge, skills and expertise that are required to become a successful INHS certified Weight Management Expert.

  • All required course materials
    • Digital eBook or physical textbook (all eBooks are included)
    • Different meal plans
    • Self-assessments and assignments
    • Necessary forms and guidelines for starting your own business
    • Online final exam

Exam Requirements:

  • You need a minimum final exam grade of 85% to pass.
  • A $50.00 retest fee will apply.

To enroll into this Program, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Have an excellent understanding of        the English language.

Course Duration:

  • 6 months or less

After successful completion, you will earn the title of Certified Weight Management Expert on your certificate.

The Curriculum in Details


A successful weight management strategy depends on several factors. We would be focusing on the 3 most important ones i.e. Nutrition,          Exercise and Behavior. We will discuss how the so called ‘dieting’ is not a solution to the weight gain/loss problems. We will discuss and              analyze different criteria for optimal and strategic weight management.

Module 1: Nutrition for weight management

A. The problem
Here we discuss about the causes and consequences of being over-weight and under-weight and the available solutions.

B. Ingredients for Ideal Weight -Loss Diet
The scientist explains and recommends the magic ingredients for an ideal weight-loss diet. These are scientifically researched and            evidence based. We will discover how these are beneficial for strategic weight management.

C. Optimal Weight-Loss Diet
Lifelong weight control requires lifelong lifestyle changes. Apart from the 17 effective criteria for ideal weight-loss diet, we need to              also include these 4 criteria to make the diet optimal. We will discover how these are important for sustainable weight management.

• Sustainable
• Safe
• Nutritionally complete
• Life-extending

D. Weight-Loss Boosters
Here we will discuss the array of tools than can drive or boost further weight loss, for example, how to take the accountability,          suppressing the appetite intelligently, managing the eating rate, tweaking the exercise, different fat blockers and burners, forming              good habits, keeping up the hydration, quenching the inflammation, adopting intermittent fasting, managing the meal frequency,            boosting the metabolism, effectively preloading negative calorie, enhancing the sleep and managing the stress hormone.

Module 2: Exercise for weight management

In this module, we will discuss the benefits of exercise for weight management and good health. For example, Exercise is helpful for          weight management. Exercise can increase metabolism, or how many calories you burn in a day. It can also help you maintain and              increase lean body mass, which also helps increase number of calories you burn each day.
Topics covered are:

• Body systems involved in physical activity
• Benefits of an active lifestyle
• Physical activity assessment
• Physical fitness assessment
• Role of physical activity in weight management
• Developing activity programs that work
• Keeping physical activity safe
• Adopting an active lifestyle

Module 3: Behaviours change for weight management

Nutrition is important, so is Exercise for weight management but without Behaviour or lifestyle changes the target might not be            achieved. It is like Nutrition, Exercise and Behaviour are the legs of a 3-legged stool. If one of the legs is missing then the entire stool            falls. This applies to weight management strategies also. In this module we will discuss the benefits of Behaviour or lifestyle (the 3rd                 leg of the stool) changes for weight management.

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